Uploading Clinical Information to an Existing Request

After signing in to the Cohere platform, you should see the dashboard. If you are not on that page, click the Cohere logo at the top, to be brought directly to the dashboard. 

  1. Once you have navigated to the dashboard, search for the correct patient by entering one of the following in the search bar: patient name, member ID, authorization ID (has an H followed by eight numbers such as H67832945), or tracking ID (has 4 letters and 4 numbers, for example, BTGD4456).
  2. When you find the correct patient, click directly on their name to be directed to the patient summary.
  3. Select “More detail” to view the details of this request and have the ability to edit by pressing “Edit Request”.
  4. Scroll down to the “Attachments” section and select “Edit Attachments”.
  5. Press ‘Add file’. This will open a separate window, allowing you to select the necessary document from your files.
  6. Select the correct file type (such as a clinical note, medical list, diagnostic image, etc.)
  7. Once the necessary documentation has been added, select the “Save” button within the attachments section AND the “Save” button at the bottom of the request form to submit the changes.
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