Can you start a request, save it, and come back at another time?

Yes. The information you enter is saved as a draft until you officially submit the request.  You can create a draft only after you have completed the page titled "Fill in the details", which asks you to confirm the diagnosis, procedure codes, provider details, and more. 

Upon signing in to the Cohere platform, you will be directed to the dashboard, where you will be able to view all authorizations that have been submitted by users at your organization. From here you will have the ability to filter the requests by status, including “draft”.



  • Select “Draft”
  • Once the authorizations are filtered, click the authorization you want to edit/ submit.
    • Please note: you will only be able to see the details and edit draft requests that YOU initiated.
  • You will be directed to the specific authorization on the patient summary screen.
  • To edit/ submit this authorization press “Edit Request”. 



  • Next, you will see a message confirming that you wish to edit the details of the draft authorization.
  • Once all of the details in the request are confirmed, press “Save” at the bottom of the form to submit. [SAVE = SUBMIT]



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