How can I check the status of an authorization?

Are you wondering whether your authorization has been approved yet? Please note, that in some cases, you may see a request get approved but not show an auth number right away. This could take up to a few days. 

There are two ways you can check the status: 

  1. You can use Cohere’s platform to check the status of your authorization on the dashboard or on the patient summary. We have outlined the detailed steps below.
    • Log in to your account at
    • Search for a specific authorization by using the search bar at the top of the dashboard and enter one of the following:
      • Patient name
      • Member ID
      • Tracking ID
      • Authorization ID
  2. Visit our Authorization Check page to search by Cohere Tracking # or Member ID and DOB.
    • This method is useful for individuals that need to check the status of an authorization, but don't have an account. If you need to register for an account, click here.

You can also use additional filters on the left of the dashboard to further refine your search. If there is an authorization matching the search criteria, the authorization will appear on the dashboard. The status of the authorization is shown. Click the patient’s name to view more details about this specific authorization on the patient summary. 

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