What should I do if the provider and/or facility are missing from Cohere?

If you are unable to add the correct requesting or performing provider, please be sure you are entering the information correctly (name, NPI, tax ID number) with no added spaces or numbers, and if you are still unable to find the providers information, please complete the following: 

  1. Submit a support form to Cohere with the missing information
  2. Follow up with Humana by doing the following, as appropriate:
    • Missing/incorrect requesting provider: Please notify Humana to have the provider directory updated. 
    • Missing/incorrect performing provider:  Please notify Humana to have the provider directory updated. The performing provider is optional and can be left blank if needed. 
    • Missing/incorrect facility: Please notify Humana to have the facility directory updated. You can also manually enter the facility information for the request (as seen below).


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