Webinar Recordings & Slides

Thank you for attending one of our Cohere webinars, we are constantly adding more to stay on top of the questions that users share with us. Below you will find the webinar topics, their descriptions, the recording of the session, and the slides that were presented.

You and others at your organization can view these materials, or you can click here to sign up for a live webinar where you will be able to ask us questions!

Introduction Webinars:

Get to know Cohere by joining these two sessions. Our "Getting Started with Cohere" provides an overview of who we are and how to use the Cohere portal to submit your authorizations. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, we encourage everyone to attend the "Understanding Cohere Approvals" to learn more about what you can do to submit authorizations with the best chance of receiving approval. Click the drop downs below to learn more about each webinar, view slides, and/or a recording of these sessions.


Getting Started with Cohere

Our goal at Cohere is to make sure you always feel supported using our portal, no matter what type of authorization you are submitting. This webinar is designed to equip you with what you need to get started with Cohere. We will walk through an authorization submission together and share more about who we are, when to use our technology, and our clinical review process.

Understanding Cohere Approvals

Do your requests pend for review? Have you recently scheduled a peer-to-peer, or been asked to provide more clinical documentation? This webinar is designed to help you increase your requests’ eligibility for approval all while spending less time doing it. We will share information about policies, required documentation, and much more! 



"How to" Webinars:

Our "How to" webinar series contains shorter webinars that provide focused information about a particular topic. These are meant to provide support for some of the finer details of using the Cohere portal.

How To Use the Learning Center

In order to support your use of the Cohere portal, we have developed a robust, and comprehensive self-service learning center. We want everyone to feel confident finding answers to their questions without having to contact a real-life person at Cohere. Frequently asked questions, payer-specific resources, user guides, and quick-hitting tip sheets are just some of the resources you will find here. 

How To Edit, Withdraw, Submit, and Print

You know how to submit authorizations in the Cohere portal, but how about all the other important features that help you manage your requests? We will spend some time talking in-depth about editing authorizations, managing drafts, and withdrawals. 

How To Submit Visco Authorizations

We will review how to submit viscosupplementation requests within the Cohere platform. We will also share more about the guidelines that drive auto-approval.


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